Voicemail suddenly has to be configured each time dialing in


My home PBX system is running the most actual version of FreePBX Distro.

Yesterday, I dialed into my voicemail account (*97) and suprisingly got presented the installation dialog “welcome to voicemail system, please select your PIN” (ok - it was in german on my system). A bit wondering, I assumed, that there were new features or so, and entered my PIN again. But: when dialing my vm again - I get the same dialog. Now, each time when I am dialing to my voicemail, I am welcomed by the system and have to enter a new password. That never happened before. The VM-System on my PBX is on use since many years and I didn’t change anything the last weeks.

Oh - it happens on other extensions to. Funnily not on all other extensions. I couldn’t figuere it out why.

Can you help me please?

Greetings from Germany!

Your voicemail pin matches your extension number. To fix, you need to change the vm pin or disable the check as described here:

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I just can say: thank you!

Did a search on google and on the forums here - but didn’t find it.

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