Voicemail stopped working

Hi I have a problem with Elastix

I once went to Unembedded freePBX and make a change. When i back to elastix pbx and see what voicemail not work. Disappeared from the destination voicemail too. Whene i create extensions i have message

Error: Trying to write null voicemail file! I refuse to contiune!
Trace Back
[0] => Array
[file] => /var/www/html/admin/modules/voicemail/functions.inc.php
[line] => 856
[function] => die_freepbx
[args] => Array
[0] => Error: Trying to write null voicemail file! I refuse to contiune!

All previously created extend, voicemail disabled

In  Unembedded freePBX  i can see this message

Error Failed to write indications.conf
Error Failed to copy from module agi-bin

My system
elastix 2.0.0 57


Elastix is not really FreePBX, they took FreePBX and highly customized it. You would probably get a better response if you tried the Elastic forums.

I also do not know what you mean by " Unembedded freePBX", that makes no sense.

Unembedded freePBX is a interface Freepbx

I don’t think there will be many people here who will be able help with this issue sine Elastic is not really FreePBX. Elastic has a forum here http://forum.elastix.org/. You might get your issue resolved quicker there because they know more about the internals of Elastix.

try amportal chown

i make Not work

With sympathy, you will have to take your problem to the Elastix forums, They don’t support FreePBX, so equally we can’t support them.