Voicemail settings for analog extensions served by Yeastar TA800 vanished

I have a FreePBX 12.7.6-1910-1.sng7 with PBX Service Pack:
I have a Yeastar TA800 analog FXS installed to serve 8 analog phones in a different building that has not yet been wired for VOIP.
Each of the 8 extensions are pjsip and were created in FreePBX as if they were being served to the standard SIP phones we’re using elsewhere (Aastra 6737i).
The TA800 is pointed at the FreePBX installation on the same LAN. It sees the FreePBX as a SIP server and uses port 5060. Most other settings are defaults.
I changed the feature codes in the TA800 so they would not conflict with the FreePBX codes.

We were informed today that several (but not all) of the 8 extensions served by the TA800 had lost access to FreePBX voicemail. In checking the FreePBX server, the email PIN for those phones was set back to the extension number. All user-recorded prompts for that extension were gone. [That is, not recognized by the system. The files were still on the disk.]

I’d be grateful for ideas on where to start looking for what may have caused this and how to address it.

Most likely by someone in the admin GUI. It would be very strange for someone to log into each voicemail account, deleted all the recordings and then set the voicemail PIN back to the extension. Do the folders exist such as INBOX, Old, Urgent? If not, it sounds like someone reset the voicemail accounts or removed them and re-added them.

That was similar to my first thought. We have no “users” except 3 IT staff, so it wouldn’t have been accidental by a user.

One user just went through the re-setup of her VM. Now she says there are 23 voicemails waiting that she’s never heard. Not sure where that leaves me.

As far as I know, there is no 1-button reset for voicemail settings in the GUI. It’s impossible that one of use would have cleared them deliberately.

Their is a bulk upload feature that would screw you up like this.

Some VM components haven’t always been cleanly imported on a bulk extension upload.

Thank you, Dave. I can see how bulk uploads would do this. However, this occurred on a working system that hadn’t been touched for at least a month, other than updates. (Presumably.)

I looked at the server and found that accounts that previously had VM set up retained the recordings and all messages. When I changed the PIN from the extension to another number, the VM operation returned to normal.

I’m trying to think of what mechanism would prompt FreePBX to change a VM PIN on its own or how that would work. It didn’t happen with all extensions. Or even all extensions on the TA800.

I’ve been trying to send more of the PBX logs to Graylog. I’d like something that logged all GUI activity. Haven’t found it yet.

Check the file /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf for a single line showing some stray characters that look similar to this [=". If you do see them, remove that line, and then upgrade the voicemail module to edge minimum versions or

I did not find a line with the stray characters.

Currently on Voicemail I will upgrade it now.


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