Voicemail ring delay different on internal calls

Hi all,

not sure where to begin with this as asterisk macros are not my strong point.

I actually run Elastix but use the unembedded FreePBX tools. Everything is configured great (as far as I am aware) but have 1 annoying difficulty. Voicemail is set to kick in after a Ring Time of 3 seconds (about 4 rings). It does this for calls coming in externally, but calls made from a different internal extension get sent to voicemail after only 1 ring.

Is this normal? Is it easy to change?

Any help would be greatly apprecaited.



Bump to the top.

I’d like to know the solution to this as well.


Updating to 2.0.3 worked for me!

This sounds like an Elastix problem. I’ve never experienced this on AsteriskNOW, the FreePBX Distro, or PBX In A Flash.