Voicemail requests extension number

WE arejust installing our FreePBX system and have successfully configured two phones and one SIP trunk.

So far we absolutely love the system.

However, I do have a few issues I need to resolve. I’ll deal with them one at a time.

I got the voicemail button working on the phones. Yet, everytime we go into voicemail - whether using the button or dialing the voicemail extension - we always get prompted for our extension. Is there any way to resolve this?

Jacobs Technology, Inc.

*97 accesses voicemail without asking the ext.; *98 requests the ext. #.

Make sure you have the phones programmed correctly.

What happens when you dial *98 and *97 directly?


Had not heard of *97. I was using *98. Will try *97 tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip - and the quick response.


You can find this information in the feature codes list… lots of valuable information in there.

*98 as you found will allow you to listen to voice-mail of any extension while *97 will only allow the voice-mail of the extension your using.

My Cisco 7960 automatically dials this when I hit the message button, then it will ask for your password.

*98 will prompt you with comedian mail or something to that affect then ask for the ext followed by your pass.

*97 will just ask for the pass.

Thanks for the tips guys! That worked perfectly!