Voicemail Reporting

Hi folks,

I’m trying to figure out if its possible to produce some sort of report (or view onscreen) to see which voicemail boxes have messages inside?

At the moment when i open Voicemail Admin, i get a screen showing me the number of lines voicemail is enabled on, and the number of messages in total that have been left, but there doesnt seem to be an automated way to list what boxes have messages inside.

If you select one mailbox then it does then show you the stats for that mailbox, but there is around 400 mailboxes and it would be an awful task to have to go thru each one individually.

I’ve looked for a voicemail reporting module but there doesnt appear to be anything, so does anyone have any thaughts on how i could do this?


Any thaughts folks?

Probably the easiest way to do it is either through a shell script/asterisk command line, or the AMI if you’re aware of how to do that. The command you need is “voicemail show users”, which outputs something like this:
Context Mbox User Zone NewMsg
default general New User 0
default 1234 Example Mailbox 0

You just need to parse (or view) the results from there. If you’re running a shell script, you can issue ‘asterisk -rx “voicemail show users”’ to get the output; otherwise as I said AMI would let you do it as well but you have to know how to use the AMI interface and write PHP code for that one…

If you’re looking to get something that appears as part of the web interface/doesn’t require command line access, then you could wrap that up into a module. I’m not sure who administers the Voicemail Admin module, but you can try getting in touch with them to see if they can add it as a feature.