Voicemail Phone App and directories


This is a question regarding the visual voicemail in the commercial Phone Apps. I know it shows the messages in the INBOX, “Old”, and “Ugrgent” folders; can any confirm if it supposed to also show messages in the other folders like “Cust1”, “Cust2”, “Family”, etc.?

I am not sure if this was due to an update I did on a client system on the weekend or not, but it was reported that one of the users could not see their voicemails in the visual voicemail app. When I investigated further, the user had three messages, one each in:

  • Cust1
  • Cust5
  • Family

I moved them all to the “Old” folder and he was then able to see them in the visual voicemail. The client did indicate that the user could see the voicemails before, but in all honesty, I doubt my client’s recollection.

Basically I am just checking to see if the visual VM is supposed to be able to list messages in those other folders.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It only looks in INBOX, Old and Urgent.

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