Voicemail notifications via email

Hi -

I have moved my server from self hosted to freepbxhosting via the backup/restore module. Reason - internet at the office has had problems. All has been working great.

Just noticed I’m not getting voicemail emails, either to the pager or the email address.

I’ve setup email in the system admin module (it ported over, I did nothing specific on this server). It is using a gmail account.

I’m getting email notifications from the backup module.

Nothing from voicemail.

I do see the messages being sent from the backup module in /var/log/maillog

I do not see anything in maillog for the voicemail messages.

Nevermind - I figured it out.

I had a mail parser script that was doing some modifications to the email. I was modifying the message subject after looking up the phone number in our customer database.

Forgot to port over that script :slight_smile:

Stupid user error.

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