Voicemail Notification Press Button one on Phone to hear the message but nothing happens

In the past the Voicemail Notification iss functional when press one on the Phone the message played. But for now when i pressed the button one nothing happens the announcement proceed…

In the IVR, same Phone normal behavior…

Is this a timing problem - or what can i Do to solve this ?

FreePBX, Voicemail Notification
Sorry for my bad english

I have it solved, or not.

I have create an new outbound route for only the Voicemail Notification for test purpose and now it works as expected. But i have no idea whats the Problem with the primary outbound route was …It seems the problem hangs with the route …
In the past there where no problems with the notification and the primary outbound route, the only thing i have change in the past is the Outbound CID perhaps this is the problem ?

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