Voicemail not working/missing


I’ve been using FreePBX for years now, but this is the first time this has happened to me.

On a new install, voicemail doesn’t work at all. I call *97 and it drops the call. No sound, nothing. I go to the asterisk CLI and do voicemail reload and it says “no such command voicemail reload”. So I’m sure it’s not an extension configuration or endpoint problem because asterisk can’t find the voicemail module.

What can I do at this point besides a reinstall, as I’m actively using the system at this time?

From a shell post the output of :-

module reload app_voicemail.so

This is telling you that the Asterisk app_voicemail.so module is not loaded. How was the system installed?

No such module ‘app_voicemail.so’

I installed it using the guide on the FreePBX wiki on how to install it on Debian 10.
Can’t paste the link, I’m a new user on the forum.
I know general advice is install the official distro but I couldn’t in my use case scenario.

Then I suggest that you didn’t fully follow ’ the recipe’ when you built asterisk :slight_smile: a diagnostic . . .

locate  app_voicemail

Thanks, turns out voicemail wasn’t selected when building Asterisk.

I just deployed a new Docker container running FreePBX and everything works perfectly out of the box.

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