Voicemail not recording

I have voicemail record problem , my message is not recording to voicemail even though system navigate me normal (after the tone enter your message and hang up…) , but I receive in email attachment as .waw format normally.
And besides, in my earlier days of freepbx was able to record voicemail ,but now not works.

is there any recommendation ?

My recommendation is to supply information so we can help you.

Versions of Asterisk and FreePBX, What OS, how was system installed?

Is your disk full?

Logs help too.

My OS is Centos ,and my disk is free enough.
I have debugged in asterisk cli , and found no problem while writing but after hang up deleted from the directory, I found I have selected delete voicemail option (with email attachment) ,so issue solved by changing to NO delete option.