Voicemail, not functioning properly

FreePBX 2.11
CentOS 6.4
Asterisk Version 11.4.0

My system is running well, except for the voicemails are not being recorded, or if they are being recorded, they are not being moved to the INBOX folder, and the MWI is not being triggered.

I’ve checked permissions and ownership of the spool folders, and I have some recorded files int the /tmp directories for various extensions.

All of my modules and software are up to date, but I can’t find the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Distro install or built by hand?

FreePBX distro install.

Go back and edit the Extension. Make sure that under the “Voicemail” heading “Status” is set to “Enabled”, a password is set and the VM Context is “default”. At the bottom click “Submit”, then at the top click “Apply Changes”.

The system worked, played my greeting, I left a message, and I got nothing. Dialed into VM, entered my password, and “You have no messages”.

On the extension tab, voicemail setup Mae sure you don’t have “delete voicemail” enabled.

How long was your test message rocket scientist? What it greater than the “minimum voicemail length” defined in the voicemail config?

  • Voice Mail
    Status: Enabled
    Voicemail Password: **** (obfuscated for security)
    Email Address: Blank (not used)
    Pager Email Address: Blank (not used)
    Email Attachment: No
    Play CID: No
    Play Envelope: No
    Delete Voicemail: No
    VM Options: Blank
    VM Context: default

About a minute and a half, +/- 6 seconds.

Login to your linux box (use putty so you can copy), run “asterisk -r” and then leave a voice mail. Paste the output into pastebin.com and link it here.

Also take a look at this thread:

This may be a disconnect supervision issue.

Through testing, and monitoring Asterisk, the problem seems to be related to the voice mail system not noticing that the caller has left a message and disconnected the call.

It simply leaves the channel hanging open and never realizes that the recording is complete.

This morning, I repeated the call-in test from my cell phone, dialed to my extension, and after a few rings was dropped into my voicemail. This time, instead of hanging up, I recorded my message and then hit the “#” to exit, and the MWI immediately lit, and I was able to retrieve the message perfectly.

Just to be sure, I repeated the test, only this time, I simply disconnected after leaving the message, and it left the line connected, and I never received the message even after restarting DAHDi & Asterisk.

I had assumed the voicemail system would throw a “hang up” after detecting 9 seconds of silence, but apparently it’s not.

If it is supposed to disconnect after x seconds of silence, is it possible that I have the gain turned up to high that the natural background noise is breaking the silence threshold?

I was told by my carrier that my analog copper lines handled disconnect supervision, and were kewl-start, instead of loop-start, however that information came from my DSL tech so the information may be incorrect.