Voicemail not deleting from phone

When I delete a voicemail from the ARI it does not reflect that change on my phone. For example I have 1 voicemail in mailbox 10 and my phone says I have 1 VM then I delete it via ARI and the ari displays no vm but the phone still does. I have had this issue since updating to asterisk 1.8.5 and FreePBX 2.9. I reinstalled the voicemail module with no luck

I have several phone brands in my office on which this problem occurs on all of them. Snom 360, Linksys SP and Grandstream 2000

Asterisk 1.8.5
FreePBX 2.9 updated to latest build

I use the FreePBX Distro with Asterisk, regularly use the ARI, and do not have this problem. When I delete a message from the ARI, it goes away on my phones. I have Aastra 6757i phones and have turned on the pollmailboxes option.

AdHominem brought up a good solution when he said the word “polling”. I looked in the voicemail.conf file found in /etc/asterisk/ and found that pollmailboxes option was turned off. Turning it back on and setting the time to 10 sec fixed my issue without adjusting snom, grandstream or linksys phone setting individually.

Basic instructions:

nano /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf
CTRL + W and search for polling
uncomment the pollmailboxes option and put yes

If you want to specify a specific polling time you can do that in the config as well.

Could you give me the string of code needed to set a polling time. We are having the same issue as well. However, after uncommenting the pollmailboxes string and setting it to “=yes” were still unable to delete messages from the Polycom phones. Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

the code is like this:
pollmailboxes=yes ; If mailboxes are changed anywhere outside…

and is located on line 176 of the voicemail.conf

I also changed the time to every 10 sec via this line (185)

If those are set do a amportal restart.

If it continues to fail I would imagine it might be a setting on your phone. I dont have any Polycom phones here. Check polling settings on the phone as well.