Voicemail not being emailed when forwarded via User Portal

When voicemails are forwarded via the User Portal, they are not being emailed to the recipient as specified in their settings. It is only an issue when the voicemails are forwarded via the user portal though. If the voicemail is forwarded via the VoIP phones (SNOM320 and SNOM370), it’s successfully being emailed to the recipient as specified in the settings.

Why would this be the case? What settings do I have to change to correct the issue?

New info: It appears that the reason that voicemails are being sent when voicemails are forwarded from the phone is that it’s using the dial plan code. When using the user portal, it seems to be using non-existant code. In other words, the code for this feature does not appear to exist.


Please be more specific. The main reason a e-mailed (via the ARI) might not work is that two extensions are in different voicemail contexts, or the e-mail addresses used are not valid as the server see’s it (i.e. dns resolution, incorrect settings in sendmail/postfix).

When a phone does it, it is using the internal to asterisk voicemail interface, which all it really does is copy files from one file folder to another based on the voicemail context and it’s extension.

So if you have e-mail addresses like [email protected] that could be the real root cause if example.local is not resolvable in a timely manor.

Also which version of the ARI are you using? there have been some changes in some of the versions due to bugs being found but we can’t tell you if it was known or fixed without knowing what you are using.

FreePBX 2.5 is the version that we are using.

The voicemail context for all of our extensions are set to default.

The scenario is as follows:

Each extension has Email notification enabled and configured correctly. When a user receives a voicemail at their extension which they forward to another extension using their phone (dial 8 to forward), they are then asked to enter the extension that they wish to forward to. Once they enter the extension, they are prompted to press 1 to prepend a message, or 2 to forward the message. Then the voicemail is forwarded correctly.

If the user decides to forward the voicemail via the user portal, they enter the destination extension in the Forward To field, and press the Forward To button. The voicemail is then forwarded correctly.

The difference is that when this is done using the phone, the destination user receives an email notification for the forwarded message. When done via the user portal, even though the message is sent to their voicemail box, they do not receive an email notification.

After discussing the matter with out lead techo, he’s advised that the reason for this is that when it is done using the phone, it uses the asterisk dial plan logic, which triggers the necessary events to send the email notification. When done via the user portal, it does a simple copy from one place to the other, bypassing any asterisk dial plan logic, and therefore doesn’t trigger the email notification event.

Basically, he advised me that the user portal was simply a gui interface to asterisk directories and configurations, but did not actually invoke any asterisk logic when an action such as forwarding a voicemail was done.

You mentioned that when it is done via the phone, it does a simple copy, but something must be triggered to send the email notification that is not being triggered when the action is done via the user portal.

See ticket #3158.