Voicemail MWI On Yealink T46G

I’m running FreePBX 13.0.1beta3.61 With Firmware on the Yealink T46G Along with the Commercial RestApps Module. It seems the after playing or deleting a voicemail using the RestApps Voice mail app the VoiceMail MWI is not triggered. The light and the visual indicator stay flashing. However if I dial *97 and enter the pin, then hang up the MWI stops blinking and the indicator goes away within 5 seconds.

Under Settings, Voicemail Admin, Settings you want the parameters:

enabled and set to a short duration, say 5-10 seconds.

RESOLVED: Thanks for the reply. pollmailboxes was already enabled and I changed pollfreq to 5 sec which made no difference. I was able to resolve this by disabling subscribing to MWI in the yealink basefile under the endpoint manager. Obviously user’s who don’t have the RestApps would probably want to leave this enabled but at least in my instance disabling this value enables the Visual Voicemail RestApp to update the voicemail notifications on the phone.