Voicemail Module is not creating emails but I can send email


I am using FreePBX and voicemail I can send an email to myself successfully from the command line but if a message is left in any voicemail inbox (with voicemail to email turned on), no message is created at all. I have nothing in the mail log. It seems that the voicemail module is not creating the email at all. I have tried removing and reinstalling the voicemail module but that did not work.

What? How is that possible? Having version 14 modules installed on a v13 machine?


Thanks for your response. I got that from the bottom of the screen in the GUI. If I do cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version I get:
Which one of those numbers is correct, or how can I get the right information?

Did you upgrade this machine from v13 to v14?

fwconsole ma list | pastebin

and post the link

PitzKey it’s actually FreePBX Sorry about that. I edited my original post above.

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