Voicemail message light not working correctly

I think I have found an issue with the FPBX, but I need confirmation before I’m willing to open a ticket on it.

Voicemail message light not working correctly.

Phones Tested.
Poly VVX601
Yealink T57W

Leave a message and the light comes on. (good)

Press the message button to view the message center. I have 2 new messages. (good)

Call the voicemail at *97 and auto-login, don’t play the message, just hang up.
The system will respond that I have 2 new messages and then turns on the message lamp off. (bad)

Click on the message center and I show I have 0 new voicemails. (bad)

Call back to *97 and voicemail reports 2 new voicemail (good)

The FPBX is sending the command to turn off the message lamp upon login and not checking that messages are still in the mailbox before turning off the lamp.

I haven’t check on the message lamp in a long time, so this may be just the way it works. (if that’s how if was envisioned, it needs to be fixed)

Anyone with some understanding of this issue?

I have no idea what may be wrong, but I normally set up phones so there is no ‘message center’; pressing the message button dials *97. The message lamp then works properly. Do you need message center in your application?

On my phones, the MWI goes out while I’m checking voicemail. If I check back later, the messages are no longer new. Your experience sounds the same as mine to me.

Certainly not merely by calling *97. On my system, clearing the light requires deleting or saving the message(s), though that may be configurable.

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