Voicemail message light intermittant

We just installed a system setup with devices/Users. We have an intermittant issue where the Message light on the Yealink T26 phones will light for messages in the User voicemail. The phone is logged in, and does have messages in the voicemail box. It appears to light for a short time when a new message is left and then after a time it goes out. The DNS for the system is set for, along with a couple of others. This is a FreePBX Distro.

Thanks for any ideas.

If you want a pain free system do not use Device and User mode. it is un supported and has lots of known problems.

Thank you Tony. I am afraid I am in it for the long haul now.

If you use Device & User Mode, be sure that your devices and your users have different numbers. Never duplicate them, i.e. never have a device named “100” and a user named “100”.

Also, if you’re having voicemail issues, try deleting the user’s voicemail and then recreating it, and then immediately set-up the outgoing message.

The FreePBX Distro has a minor bug right now in which the system will delete symlinks that are dangling when the system is rebooted or amportal is restarted, even if those dangling symlinks are need for proper voicemail operation. By recording the outgoing message, you eliminate the dangling nature of the symlinks that are created when a new voicemail is set up. I know that bug can affect voicemail notifications in certain circumstances.

Thanks for the tip. I do have all the devices and users with different numbering. You talk about the voicemail lights. If I have the system already installed can I disable the voicemail and then enable and record will that work?