Voicemail login incorrect

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I have come across an issue which has cropped up before but my problem is slightly different. I am using Grandstream 1615 with voicemail to Comedian mail. If I dial *97 and enter my password all works fine but if I use the message button to connect all password entries are “login incorrect”
I have tried all sorts of attempts to correct this without success. I am not sure if this is a fault with the VM module or the phone itself.
Any ideas please?

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I would debug by enabling dtmf for console and full in Settings -> Asterisk Logfile Settings and then getting a call trace of a problem call:

(Ralph) #3

I will try your suggestion but can you confirm I will get a log as you describe from pushing the message button on the phone. There is no outside call in this problem.
Many thanks

(Ralph) #4

Problem solved
Somehow access feature code had changed on phone, reset now and message button works correctly
Thanks for input

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