Voicemail keeps running after I hang up the phone

Testing the FreePBX voicemail I realized that the voice mail keeps running after I hang up the phone, for instance, I make a call, the phone rings accordingly to the setting then I hear the voicemail greeting and hang up since I do not want to leave any message, after a minute later the phone notifies me there is a message when I go to listen to the message there is the busy sound that was recorded, so I did a second test calling 3 seconds later after hanging up and the line sound busy meaning that the voice mail is recording something. The Hardware I am using for the PSTN is Grandstream HT813 connected to the FXO, IP Phone is Yealink T21P E2, and FreePBX 'VoIP Server’

Thank you in advance.

You need to have the ATA match any ‘far end disconnect’ supervision your carrier provides, you will have to ask them that specifically.

The problem just happens when the call gets into the voicemail, but it does not happen when I hang up before the voicemail starts running. I did another test, disabled the voicemail, make a regular callI and when I hang up the phone, the call was terminated immediately. So do you think is that still the issue?


Hi Dicko,

Actually, you gave me a good hint, I just fixed it I went into the ATA and changed one option in the FXO termination that was " Enable PSTN Disconnect Tone Detection: to “Yes”

Thank you, my friend.

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