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I’ve recently starting using FreePBX at my new company, but I did not originally set it up. Apparently no one has really touched it over the years, other than to add a new phone/user, so I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can to customize the overall system to meet latest needs.

In my time spent configuring/exploring, one of the extension’s Voicemail started acting up. When an internal or external caller is sent to the extension’s VM, they hear the greeting and can begin to leave a message. However, once they are done with the message, the IVR voice states that there is an error and the voicemail is never kept/sent.

I’ve compared the extension’s VM settings to other extensions, but can’t seem to see where there lies a discrepancy that may be causing the error? Any suggestions on how to fix, besides deleting the extension and re-creating it from scratch?


Call trace may tell you what’s going on, share it via pastebin:

Hi Lorne and thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think I’m quite there yet with using the CLI to the server as a method to troubleshoot. Working solely from the front-end, and was hoping for suggestions that kept me in the web-based UI.

Thanks, and I welcome any other suggestions you might have! :slight_smile:

Over the weekend, I actually found a solution, or should I say that I identified the cause of the error message I kept receiving from the IVR…?

While continuing to troubleshoot and test by leaving VM messages on other extensions, as well as the one in question, I accidentally left a longer message of about 8-10 seconds and it was saved/delivered without receiving the error message. Upon further digging, I came to the conclusion that if a 1 or 2 second VM message is left, then it will not save and then trigger the error message for the caller/messenger.

Am I correct here about the message duration being too short, as the cause of this issue? If that is indeed the case, then it begs the question “Is there a setting for minimum amount of time a message must be in order to be saved and delivered?”.

Thanks in advance for any input or experience sharing with this same type of problem! :slight_smile:

3 seconds is the default for retention - less than that, and it won’t save.

Great to know, and I guess I found that information out the hard way. :wink:

Any way to change that default to a lower value? And if so, can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks Greg!

minsecs in voicemail.conf - the box I just checked had it at 1, but the Asterisk docs put it at zero:

asterisk/voicemail.conf.sample at master · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

; Minimum length of a voicemail message in seconds for the message to be kept
; The default is no minimum.

I wonder if it would be overwritten on a reload - there doesn’t seems to be a voicemail_custom_post.conf so I don’t know about changing it and having it stick.

Actually, it’s in the GUI - Settings -> VoiceMail Admin -> Settings -> Limits

Min Message Length In Seconds - So there you go!

You found it in the GUI, but to answer your question, edits to the voicemail.conf file are one of the few places where you can edit the file directly. Settings made in the GUI are read and written directly from the conf file. You’ll note that there is no warning at the top of voicemail.conf telling you not to edit it.


Yeah, I noticed that but I never tried editing it before this question - good to know.

It’s one of the few files I back up manually - MANY times when I am upgrading boxes, it get’s wiped - you can tell it’s happened because after the upgrade you have a ton of bad destinations - the VoiceMail boxes that for some reason get wiped out of the file - having a backup fixes that problem in a jiffy.

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+1. This file gets borked or completely defaulted consistently on distro FreePBX upgrades.

Thanks Greg! I went in to the GUI and found that the value was set to 3 seconds, so I changed it to 1 second (0 was not an acceptable value). :+1:

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