Voicemail Is Emailed But Not Showing on Phone

Running latest distro. User is stating voicemails are being emailed but aren’t showing up on phone. Is there a common cause for this? I’ve seen a lot on the forums for the reverse situation.

I may be misremembering, but isn’t there an option on the voicemail setup that tells the system to delete the voicemail once the email has been sent?

Yea there is a option to delete the email after sending via email

This is true however that option is not selected. Emails will show up in UCP and an email will be sent. There are no notifications on the phone end.

What phones are you using?

grandstream gxv3275. This is a recent development. Her config/setup is no different than her coworkers…very odd

Try setting mwi notification to unsolicited on the extension?