Voicemail in another language

Is there a way to to change the voicemail language?
I’d like to have an option say, press 1 for english press 2 for spanish
Is that possible?

Use the language module

It doesnt tell you much about how to use it though. I tried looking for documentation on that module but I found nothing.

Once its installed, you can set a language on an inbound route - causing asterisk to use that language’s sound files for the duration of the call.

But, I want to set something to tell you: press 1 for english, 2 for spanish but only when you access voicemail, not when you call. Is it the same?

Thanks for the info.

You will need to setup languages, then point the inbound route to an ivr, with the options pointing to said languages.

That was on the top of my mind. So, I would create 2 languages, then an IVR with options to both?

Try it :slight_smile: (yes).

And I would still need to record announcements like press 1 for english…etc?
I’m sorry for the stupid questions, I’ve never used FreePBX before.

Thanks for all the info :slight_smile:


The language IVR’s, where do I have to point those to?