Voicemail:How to Remove the "Record your name" recorded message?

After all this time of not using voicemail. I now see there is no option in the voicemail menu to remove the “record your name” message.

Any ideas on how to get back to default announcement?

You only hear that if your vm PIN matches the extension number, change the PIN and the recording goes away. Alternatively:

I don’t think that is the solution.

Let’s give an example:

Employee “Joe” decides to record his name on the extension on the “Record your name” option in 0: Mailbox Options -> 3: Record your name. After a couple of years, employee “Joe” quits, and is replaced by employee, “Bob.” Bob hears the previous employee’s name on the “Record your name,” and wants it removed, and have no recorded name anymore.

Perhaps if you deleted

/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/<the extension>/{greet,unavail,busy}.*


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Thanks Dicko.

It seems I should go pester Digium about putting an obvious missing feature to delete such a recording from the voicemail menu system, which should have been there since day one.

Coincidentally , the first bug I posted with FreePBX ( not a digium thing really) many many years ago was exactly about that, the behavior then was not to delete those files and any remaining messages ever, now they are deleted if you delete the mailbox , perhaps that could be your solution .

Yes it was a solution , and now the old recording is gone, and the old default message is there.

Since I found nothing from the FreePBX side to manage that message, it is clearly a Digium one with their Comedian Mail. If the Temporary Greeting can be deleted from the extension voicemail menu, then why not the Record Your Name one?

Actually you can’t delete the Temporary one, you can record it which overwrites what was there before if necessary and you can toggle it on and off. In exactly the same way you can rerecord those recordings but not delete them. Surely recreating the mailbox would do what you need though, no ?

(Comedian mail predates even asterisk per-se and is a hard-coded monolithic thing that very rarely changes. probably not a lot of enthusiasm to change anything that works for 99.99% of folks)

Ahh yes, I understand now. Then if the temp greeting can be toggled on and off, then surely the record your name should be permitted to do the same.

But that’s what we got :slight_smile:

In the voicemail admin module you can delete the recorded name,

Also, if the end user wants to do it, they can login to the voicemail box, advanced options, and then name recording.

It also can be replaced in the UCP.

Our director loves the dial-by-name and wanted everyone to record their name in there, its been a hot topic over the past few weeks.

There’s a speech to text in the directory for this reason… No one needs to hear that old lady’s voice before actually speaking with her… :rofl:

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Thanks for that info. I must have been looking at an older version of FreePBX where I did not see that ability in the Voicemail Admin

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