Voicemail Global settings - Email Attachments and Extension name greetings

Hi Guys,
Hope someone can help, we are looking to achieve two global settings which should apply to all the new extensions created later to this:

Voicemail Global settings:
Email Attachments - I have enabled option Attach Voicemail in Voicemail Admin >> Settings >> Email Config but new extensions are created with this option turned off
Extension name greetings when voicemail is played such as personal on extension XXX is not available please leave VM - Can we change this default for all user without recording user level greetings?

you can’t default the attachment because it relies on an email address , which can’t be defaulted.

The mailbox structure doesn’t exist until it is used so greetings can’t be defaulted, however the default recordings are in


Available globals are documented in


Thanks, could you please confirm if we can change default greeting wav file which is used to play “the person on extension XXX is unable to take your call…” so for all extension it gets changed?


If you have the files core-sounds-en.txt and `extra-sounds.txt’ in your sounds directory, then

grep -ir 'the person' *.txt

would show that to be in theperson.<ext>
but the playback is a concatenation of several files

grep '^vm-' -ir /var/lib/sounds/en/*.txt

(If using en language) will list all the words in all the files that the voicemail system would use.

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