Voicemail for passing messages from one day's team to the next

We’re wanting a facility whereby staff working one shift can phone a number hosted by our PBX, give the message, and it will then be easily accessed by the next day’s team. Like a handover.

  • It would be good if the message ISN’T accessed by, say, 9.30am, the PBX phones a given phone and asks if it can relay the message
  • It would be good if it integrated well with DPMA and Digium (D50) phones as that’s what we have here.

I realise I can setup a virtual extension which goes straight to voicemail, but that wouldn’t be particularly easy, I don’t think, for the staff to remember to access. I reckon if they occasionally dialled it to check and there WASN’T a message waiting they’d get out of the habit of checking.

A shared voice mailbox (I’ve seen the wiki!) might be good.

Alternatively is there a way of dialling either one’s own extension OR another user’s extension which goes straight to their voicemail? If there is, that would work, I think.

I could then do some behind the scenes stuff maybe involving custom destinations and an IVR for WHERE to send the voicemail message…

thank you

“*extension” is “straight to Voice Mail”. Try it with your own extension first (I’m pretty sure it won’t do what you want) and when that doesn’t work, set up a second extension with a shared mailbox. You can then call the voicemail of whatever extension you set up to leave the message. If you configure the MWI correctly, it will light when there’s a message.

On the “if it isn’t answered by 0930” part? I don’t know how I’d handle that. There should be a number of possibilities, including setting up a callfile that connects the voicemail system to an extension (the VM phones home).

on the first component - perhaps an announcement who’s system recording is controlled by feature code ?

you could call and listen to the announcement or re-record the message with the feature code assigned to the system recording

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