Voicemail Emails no longer sending after migration

Last month, we migrated our FreePBX system from a VMware VM (running in a workstation) to a ProxMox VM (on a server). The conversion failed for reasons unknown and we figured it would be easier to just rebuild it from scratch, which we did. I did a full backup of the old system (which I still have available to me) and after building the new one did a full restore. Most of the settings carried over, some things had to be redone or redownloaded, but we got everyone up and running on the new system. Great!

Today it was brought to my attention that people aren’t receiving their voicemails as emails anymore. I checked and, sure enough, there hasn’t been an inbound email with “PBX Voicemail Notification” as the Subject since March 20. Otherwise voicemail is working - users can fetch voicemails from either the UCP or their deskphones (another refresh project recently completed successfully).

I’ve poked around in voicemail settings and I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Or really, how it was working before, either. I’m looking in Settings > Voicemail Admin > Settings > EMail Settings, and it all matches old and new. No differences in Admin > User or Applications > Extension settings either.

Oddly, these messages always came from [email protected] and I’m not sure how that worked. This platform was initially set up many years ago by my predecessor, though whatever settings had existed survived a migration from v14 on a physical machine to v16 on a VM, but has not survived being rebuilt from a restore.

Is there somewhere else where email connectivity is configured? I haven’t had much luck on the wiki - lots of broken links and 403 errors… Thanks, any guidance is appreciated.

Check the /var/log/maillog file to see what it tells you about the outgoing emails. If it’s being sent by [email protected] then you will likely need to configure postfix to rewrite the from email address using the generics file.

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