Voicemail email format


Does anyone know where I can set the format of voicemail emails?

freepbx 2.2.1

It doesn’t seem to use either
/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf “emailbody=” format string

I’ve searched the mysql db and /usr/lib/asterisk/astdb to no avail

Heeeeelp :wink:

Sorry Bubba, I mean the format of the email (i.e. subject and body text), not the format of the attached file


is it…

is it…[/quote]

I thought so, but it isn’t. The wording is different, and changing vm_email.inc has no effect

I have found that putting entries in voicemail.conf overrides the default
fromstring=Asterisk on XXXX
emailsubject=Voicemail ${VM_MSGNUM}, Length ${VM_DUR}, CLI ${VM_CALLERID}

but I would dearly love to know where the original format resides


Well OK I have about 200 installs running all over the world and everyone of them use that file.

so unless you got something else that is it…
I just opened the file added YOUR to the message and sent myself voice mail…and I get this…

There is a new voicemail in YOUR mailbox 4120:

From:	"Bubba" <4120>
Length:	0:04 seconds
Date:	Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 06:25:29 AM

Dial *98 to access your voicemail by phone.
Visit http://mypbx.com/recordings/index.php to check your voicemail with a web browser.

Thanks Bubba, that is most odd

That is indeed the text in our vm_email.inc, but the emails we get are worded very differently

AHA just cracked it, if I add
#include vm_general.inc
to voicemail.conf it works, of course :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, Bubba

Top of the file

But if you are asking to change to like mp3 or something that would take so doing.
app_voicemail.o is the app which does it…

I would think the best bet is to look at doing it some other way…

how do you get around this?


Bubba, I am trying to get voicemails to be sent as MP3s instead of as WAV files. How can I accomplish this? TIA.

just chown the file with root… that works pretty good :slight_smile:

do that to voicemail.conf and then nobody can change there password for voicemail. you’ll also not get any new extensions added, bust the directory service, etc…

Voicemail.conf is supposed to change, the routines for processing the file are supposed to read the file into ram, if a extension is being deleted remove it from ram, if adding a new one add to the end and re-write the file. (edit’s/changes same basic process they only touch the line that is being changed).

Many processes use that file so changing it’s ownership is a good way to break many things.

in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

under the General section add the include files:

#include vm_general.inc
#include vm_email.inc
save and exit, then run amportal restart, test… should work

in my voicemail.conf, it says:

NOTE: Asterisk has to edit this file to change a user’s password. This does not currently work with the "#include " directive for Asterisk configuration files, nor when using realtime static configuration. Do not use them with this configuration file.

I am not sure what this means. Does it mean I should not add

#include vm_general.inc
#include vm_email.inc

to my voicemail.conf file?