Voicemail doesn't save if I hang up

Hey everyone. New to freepbx. I’m lightly trained in Cisco Call manager, unity, and ccx.
I’m inheriting a system built and maintained by an old team.
I’m unsure of how to modify voicemail particulars related to when the voicemail actually gets saved.

It’s a fully working system, I’m on FreePBX, Asterisk 13.14.0.

Basically, if any user calls in and gets to the point where they can leave a message, nothing is saved or the system discards the voicemail if the user doesn’t actually press # at the end.

Is this something I can modify? Thanks

That’s not normal, get a call trace:

I called the phone number “555-444-9494” which is the number managed by this freepbx from my cellphone “555-666-4137”

we’ve got a structure put in place, I press 4 to skip to the mailbox, get the instruction to wait for the beep, talk a few seconds, then hang up.

I see this:
“1?Set(__CRM_VOICEMAIL=SUCCESS)”) in new stack

but on the phone, when i hit the button to go to my mailbox it’s empty.

ok, it does work. it’s a call direction problem.

I have to sit on the call, let my announcement repeat 4 times. If I don’t wait for the message and press 4 to go to the voicemail box, it goes to box 1002 but that box doesn’t work apparently.

If i let the message repeat 4 times, afterwards, i get pushed to a different announcement and then directed to voicemailbox 1001 where it does work.

the problem isn’t with hanging up but voicemails in general.

Figured it out. This trace helped me get there. It showed me the voicemail was recording. Config, buried in places that I was unfamiliar with hid the answer from me.
I had to investigate IVRs, announcements, and specific user settings.

Seems that callers would get to mailbox A, the general mailbox and leave messages, but infrequently. In order to get to mailbox A, you had to listen to the first announcement 4 times. Then you’d get dumped in mailbox A.
Other callers would press 4 to mailbox B, but B was set to email voicemail, delete the message.
Seems that mail isn’t configured, it would go nowhere.
This led me to thinking the voicemail just didn’t record.

Hopefully this rambling is helpful, otherwise, I might just suggest deleting this whole thread!
Thanks for letting me learn here.

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