Voicemail does not work

I just installed Freepbx 15, Asterisk 16 on a vm. I have a physical sip phone and a grandstream wave softphone on android. I can call voicemail using *97 and it plays the menu. However it does not recognize button presses from either phone. I do not have a password set on the accounts. Is there a setting i am missing somewhere? the phones are connecting using pjsip (5060). Any troubleshooting suggestions?


Set a password. And if you don’t want to be challenged, set that it shouldn’t require from the same extension.

Is there already a voicemail in that mailbox? If not try leaving a message and then call it again.

Thanks - I set a password and disabled require from same extension. Now when i call it starts the new box setup message and prompts to say your name and press pound. I say my name and press pound and nothing happens. It is like the dtmf tones are not even being processed.

Any other suggestions?

Enable DTMF logging and check the logs.

I have gone into Settings, Asterisk Log File Settings and turned dtmf on in the full logfile and i also created a test logfile with only dtmf on and error on and verbose on. When i view the logfiles i see the dial to vm, the voicemail messages playing, but no dtmf messages. It is like the devices are not even sending dtmf tones for some reason or the system is ignoring them

Ok - I just got a Digium A22 phone and installed and i have the same issue. I can call another extension and i can call voicemail but once voicemail answers it ignores any keypresses. What am i missing?

Another update in case anyone reads this. I changed a bunch of settings but i think the one that fixed it was under advance settings, device settings, sip.nat i changed from yes to no. After that i was able to access comedian mail using the buttons

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