Voicemail does not detect disconnect


I have the problem that my voicemail doesn’t dertect PSTN disconnection. I never have the problem when I answer the call on the extension but when nobody picks up the call and it’s sent to Voicemail it records up to 5 mins (which is the max. length I configured) of PSTN disconnect tone playing most of the time as most people don’t want to talk to Voicemail it seems.

However this also blocks 5 Minutes the PSTN Line and I cannot dial-out anymore during this time. Is there any reason when PSTN detection works properly for picked up calls, but it’s not for VOIP or does it only work for picked-up calls because extension also hangs-up and the end of the call?

The PSTN in my case is a Grandstream HT503 ATA Adapter which can be configured for Current Disconnect AND PSTN disconnec tone. But as the tone is playing I guess PSTN disconnect tone is the correct way to go. Is there any chance I can check I configured is really detect by the Grandstream?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

^^ Probably this. You can test by making an inbound call, answering on a local extension and only hang up at the far end. You will probably see that the line remains open for as long as you have the local extension off hook. You need to config disconnect supervision properly on your ATA.

This came up recently in this thread Hangup doesn't work - #9 by marcoelledi

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