Voicemail Destination in IVR or Queue Failover

I am upgrading from version 2.3.1 to I see where voicemail as a destination in IVR’s and queue’s have disappeared. How do I direct an ivr extension to the destination extension voice mail? I read where *98 as a miscellaneous destination will take you to a VM prompt where you enter the extension; I have DID numbers that will route the call to a queue for the destination (each agent has a queue) and the failover from that queue is a timeout to the extensions voicemail or a breakout ivr that includes a voicemail option. I dont see how to do this in the new freepbx version.


It’s there for me. Is it possible you need the voicemail module installed for it to show up? Or maybe your voicemail extensions got mucked up in the upgrade?

How did you perform the upgrade? That is a big upgrade to go through.