Voicemail default message

How can I remove the default message from an extension’s voicemail and only the beep sound so you can leave the message? Greetings and thanks

Settings -> Voicemail Admin -> Dialplan Behavior -> Disable Standard Prompt.

Any users with VMX Locator enabled will need this changed in the VMX settings.

I have disabled it in freepbx but it continues enabled, could I disable by cli? regards

Possibly, this needs Asterisk restart. If no luck, post a log of a failing call.

I had restart asterisk, but it continues, which log so you refer? Can I disable the promt in the config files?

Just so we’re all clear - WHICH default message are you talking about? There are actually lots of them in the system, so knowing which one might help.

the promt of the voicemail of a extension, I want to delete it so the caller only hear the beep sound . regards

If you’re wanting to send a call to voicemail as a destination of an IVR or similar and not have any message played, you can select the “Voicemail (no message)” option of the destination extension. This just plays the beep.

I don’t know how to disable messages globally for all voicemails.

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