Voicemail - Deadly - Incorrect Password

OK, I am still a newbie and ahve been looking through all the posts, and most are old.

I have FreePBX version
Asterisk version 1.4.24
ALl modules are installed and upgraded.
the machine is at ip
Phones are SPA942’s with latest firmware and 4 line certificates installed.

I have set up 3 extensions, and setup passwords on each, and they are more than 4 numbers, they are 5.

The extensions work, can call in/out and to each other.

I dial *97, enter the mailbox (in this case 100) and then the 5 digit password. I get “incorrect password”

I tried delteing the user and saving, and then re-making it. No luck.

Any hints? I am NOT versed at Linux so if you tell me to look at a file, please give me direction on how to get there and what to type please. Obviously if this can be looked at through the GUI of FreePBX that would be easier.

I would greatly appreciate any help here. HAppy New Year!

One more comment…

when you call the extension and you do not pick up, it says" An error has occured" adn then you get the fast busy tone.

I hope that helps someone point me to the right direction.

Found the fix after looking at 1000’s of threads

There must be an issue during installation on some machines. In the file voicemail.conf I found brackets [] that were empty.

Herre is how I fixed it - a sep by step for thouse of us that do not know Linux:

You edit the file by clicking on TOOLS in FreePBX and then Java SSH to connect to the computer OS (Alternately you can do it at the computer but for me it is easier this way because it opens a window and I can continue to read the directions at one computer)

Hit a return
Log in as root, and your password
Type this:

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

Use the arrow keys to navigate - mouse does not work
Remove any lines with brackets that are empty[]
Press the ctrl key plus O (not zero, but the letter)to save the file
Then ctrl plus X to exit
type reboot and hit enter

The computer will reboot in 10-15 seconds. Your voicemail should now work.

Pick up your phone and hit the voice mail key (I am assuming you programmed your phone properly to dial *97) or dial *97. Asterisk should ecognize your extension and jsut ask for your password, and then you are in to record your default messages.

You don’t have to reboot your system - just restart asterisk using the “amportal restart” command. Asterisk will stop than start and reread its configuration files. Amportal is the old name for FreePBX (from what I understand). It stands for Asterisk Management Portal.

Rebooting PCs and servers is a “Microsoft attitude”, with Linux, you can stop and start pretty much all services without rebooting.

For example:

“service network restart” - restarts the ethernet network configuration
"service dahdi restart" - restarts the dahdi Linux drivers (Asterisk should be stopped first)
“service zaptel restart” - restarts the zaptel drivers

You can replace restart with stop and start.