Voicemail cuts out after "message from phone number.."

This is only happening to one user. Everyone has the same setup. Also, this is a pretty recent phenomenon. The voicemail to email also stopped working but in the online GUI I can see and play the messages?

Check the formatting in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf of the suspect extension

good call. It looks very wonky. is there a fix in the GUI? I would rather not have the user lose there VM’s.

Try going into that user’s voicemail settings and clicking submit, then applying config. It won’t affect the voicemails that they have in their folder, only the voicemail.conf file

probably not but the format is pretty simple, just copy a working one over and change names numbers and addresses to suit. The gooey might mess it up again but the gooey takes it’s methods from Comedian mail, which you would have just reset :slight_smile: Comedian Mail’s ‘state’ stays in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/ the mailboxes’ messages and greetings further granulated to …/context/extension

Something similar from the recent past: Voice mail hangs up if play CID and play envelope is on

just fyi. the caller id had a + sign in front of it that was causing the problem. I turned off the play CID and the VM worked. I deleted the offending message and turned on the Play CID.

I have had similar issues today. (and had if before)
The most simple “trick” I use: When the CID starts playing press 1 immediately
(to listen to the voicemail. In my case it will play fine.)
Take notes about the relevant details and
then erase the offending message with 7.

After that it will just work as usual.