Voicemail.conf problem

I have configured a freepbx with 6 sip extensions. When I configure voicemail for each extension freepbx doesn´t save changes in voicemail.conf. In fact if it´s already a extension configured (by hand) erase it.

This is my voicemail.conf

#include vm_general.inc
#include vm_email.inc
[general] ; added by webconfig
[default] ; added by webconfig


First question, does it work? and you are wondering why the file has not changed? or does it not work at all? What does it do, when you leave a VM, call *97,98?

Lance - Tampa

In first place, when i set the parameters in the extensions tab (for example Sip extension number 205). after clicking “save changes”, file voicemail.conf doesn´t change at all.

The file remains

#include vm_general.inc
#include vm_email.inc

In the Extensions tab i have this scenario.

Voicemail & Directory

voicemail password = 1234
Email address = [email protected]
Email attach = yes

when i call *97 and i put box 205 and password 1234 says wrong logon


the asterisk voicemail system reads the voicemail.conf file to get a list of valid extensions and passwords. So if nothing is in the file then it will see nothing.

Many questions here. This a distro or hand build? If a distro, whos and what version, etc. if hand built whos directions did you follow to build it. Versions of asterisk, freepbx, OS, etc.

Have you checked the permissions on the file?

It should have read and write permissions for owner and group and read for everyone, it’s owner and group should be asterisk:asterisk. If either of these are not set then that could be your problem.

Next is to check the settings for the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail directory structure. the owner and group also need to be the same asterisk:asterisk along with read/write for owner and write for group.

But providing details of what you have, how it’s built, and version are the quickest way to get a answer instead of more questions and a wild guess.