Voicemail CISCO 7841 3PCC

I installed FreePBX,

Asterisk 18.20 and I can call voicemail using *97 and it plays the menu. However it does not recognize button presses from either phone. I do not have a password set on the accounts. What the problem? I am using Cisco 7841 3PCC version mterm-78xx.11-3-1MSR1-3_REL and my Zoiper in HP laptop. Is it from firmware Cisco because it can support only Asterisk 11?

Call *43 (echo test) to confirm that outbound audio is working. If fail, check that Local Networks is correctly set, or look for other network issues.

If *43 works, try setting DTMF for the extension to Inband audio, and also try RFC 4733. If no luck, look at DTMF settings in the Cisco and Zoiper.