Voicemail call out to remote phone

Is there a way to have a mailbox call out to a cell phone (or any phone, really) and deliver a newly received message? I can’t use the email delivery feature in this case due to HIPPA issues. The calls must try to hit a doctor’s cell phone and ask for a password, then he will be able to listen to messages. Any ideas here?

The commercial module Voicemail Notification module would do this for you.

Okay. Makes sense. Is the one license good for the entire PBX and all users?

Yes its a PBX license for as many voicemail boxes that you want.

That’s fantastic. Thank you kindly!

Alright. I bought this module module and set up a notification number. I assumed I needed a # at the end of the dial-out number. Logs are saying call can’t be dialed as entered, so hanging up. Okay, I go in to edit/delete that call-out number. It won;t let me change or delete it. I tried entering a different call-out number, and it won’t take it. I tried deleting the notification altogether. No go. Clearly., I’m missing something here, right?

It’s a commercial module, In addition to asking here, you should probably submit a commercial support ticket.

Known issue, update the module to edge:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade vmnotify

I went poking around the Sangoma portal and found a workaround. You can manage the numbers to be dialed from within extensions. I’m kind of leary about edge anything, to be honest. Having a machine set that way caused a lot of issues. You sure it’s safe?

Yes. You are only updating a single module to edge, and only on this one occasion.

Well alrighty then. Thank you kindly.

I did find a couple of things that might be related.

  1. When the remote phone receives the call, and the callee accepts the message, it simply plays, even though there’s a PIN on the mailbox. This is quite important, for in this case, it’s doctors getting the calls, and we can’t risk a HIPPA violation.

  2. when the message gets delivered, I have it set to delete (for now) the original message, and it seems to do just that, but the MW light keeps flashing. When I dial *97 on the phone to retrieve the message that’s now not there, the light will go out.

Interesting stuff. I’ll do the update and post my findings.

  1. That’s correct, there is no provision to prompt for a VM PIN.
  2. There are a few possibilities for this one. If PJSIP extension, check the MWI Subscription type in the Advanced Settings of the extension and select the other option. Otherwise set the Poll Frequency and enable Poll Mailboxes under Settings, Voicemail Admin, Settings tab,

Okay. Hope there can be a VM PIN one day soon. It can be quite important. I’m not running PJSIP extensions yet. That seems to be a thing that’s still being worked on by the SIP gods. We’re getting closer. As it stands, I’m only using this for the doctors as a backup if their PRI to a traditional PBX goes down. When patients call…

It will need a feature request in the issue tracker:

Okay. I’ll add it. Thank you again.

If you google vmnotify you will probably find a project where this has been done.

We use it for our afterhours emergency mailbox. It calls a cell phone every 5 minutes until the message is retrieved.

I am sure the commercial module has a whole lot more whistles and bells, but if you have a small need, this works.