Voicemail Blast Option?

I’m looking for some voicemail blast functionality. If I google for it, I see references to it. But not module itself. I want to dial into a number, record a message. Then enter the extensions or external phone numbers for it to be delivered to. If possible, get a receipt to be generated when the user hears it. And be able to schedule it.

It looks like Telephone Reminders would be a perfect fit Although I’m not sure if this is only for sending the voicemail to one number or multiples.. Or is there another solution that you might have used in the past that would get us this functionality with multiple #'s?

Thanks for any pointers.


There is actually a voicemail blast module in the FreePBX standard module repository. I know it’s been there since at least 2.6. This will only work with extensions.

Another option is the use of call files. Google “asterisk call files”