Voicemail as MP3 attachments

Does FreePBX support MP3 as a format for voicemail attachments by default?

If not, can someone tell me whether these instructions will still work in 2.11?

Step 1. Log into your server as root and... (remove w-g-e-t hyphens!)

cd /usr/sbin
w-g-e-t http://pbxinaflash.com/sendmailmp3.tar.gz
tar zxvf sendmailmp3.tar.gz
rm sendmailmp3.tar.gz

Step 2. In FreePBX, choose Settings -> Voicemail Admin -> Settings, make the following changes, then click Submit and Reload FreePBX.

format -> wav|wav49
mailcmd -> /usr/sbin/sendmailmp3

Step 3. Leave yourself a voicemail and be sure it is delivered in MP3 format.


Those instructions are for pbxinaflash. Are you running pbxinaflash? Or FreePBX? Or FreePBX Distro?

FreePBX Distro uses postfix for mail so the instructions might not work.

This is how we do it: http://mike.eire.ca/2012/02/08/asterisk-mp3-voicemail/

Thanks Mike. I’d seen that script, and the one it’s based on, so I’m not sure why I didn’t latch on to it.

I’ve knocked together a step by step walk through for us newbies to use.