Voicemail arrives late

Has anyone seen this before? Users check their voicemail. Then later on they check it again and there’s msgs from the day before now. Any ideas?

define what you mean by “from day before now” is that received date or sent date?

smtp e-mail delivery is NOT a guaranteed thing. read the RFC specification. as a mail admin I know this for a fact. What you do get is one system attempting to hand off a message to another within a given time frame at a given retry interval. If it can’t be done within that time it attempts to send back the message with the delivery failure reason. So each system hands off in good faith to the next but if a system fails there is no check and balance to verify that the system you handed off completed it’s operation.

So knowing all of this if a system is busy or not available for a given period of time things can get delayed. There is no control over that.

Things that cause mail delays: bad, poor DNS, maxed out server processes, maxed out pipe, gray listing, and the list goes on and on. Some providers by default reject all first attempts with a 403 error code which basically means I’m do busy to talk right now come back later. Most spamming engines will not, they are interested in getting delivery hits.

The other reason could be the system clock is off by a day…

To see what has happened where along the route view the e-mails raw message headers and read the received: lines. They are in reverse order from the top down.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m not talking about emails at all. I’m talking only about voice mail. They check their voice mail, then check it an hour later only to find their voice mails from the day before are just then showing up.

No one has ever heard of this?

I’ve personally never experienced this or read a post about this issue in the four years that I’ve used various flavors of asterisk. Does this happen to every voicemail, or is it somewhat random? Is the servers time accurate? Out of curiosity, what firewall do you use.

What is the load on the box? Have you actually called and left a message, noting the exact time you hung up based on the servers time, then watched the voicemail box to see when the message actually shows up.

There are several steps that have to occur. while you are recording it is writing to the temp directory, it then re-processes it to the selected audio format and then moves that file into the proper location.

So many things can effect it.

  1. load on the box.
  2. DNS yes MANY things inside asterisk depend on DNS and if it is not setup properly or is using a slow/crappy DNS server it will have a huge impact on all kinds of things that you would not expect.
  3. are you using e-mail notification of voicemail? If so does the message show up sooner or later there?

How about some details of the system? Version of asterisk, FreePBX? was this a hand built system or a distro build? what is the Box spec’s? the 5 W’s + V are almost always important in getting to the real solution (who, what, where, when, why, and versions)…