VoiceMail App not working

When I press button for voicemail app its says “voice mail is not enabled for extension xxx” but it is enabled and taking messages.
I have tried this on Yealink T46 & T48.


Make sure the mailbox setting is correct in the extension setup. It should be something like: [email protected] Where 2100 is the extension number.

Thank you for your response Lee, the setting is correct and the phone does take messages as normal but the access through the phone APP’s does not work, I think this is a new addition to the APP’s does anyone have this working.


Does it work if you just dial *97?

The voice mail is working fine, just the Phone App is not working.


I just looked at the roadmap for Phone APP’s and voicemail is one of them but I don’t think it’s released yet, so I’m not sure why it"s showing up on my phones when I press app’s list probably just a mistake.


I noticed on my phone that it’s there but says like the others are saying. *97 works just fine but going into RestApp it says Voicemail isn’t configured.

Sorry looks like someone included it in the Apps list but no its not done yet. Will be out next month with a update.