Voice Recognition

Hello All,

Couldn’t find a post on this topic so here goes…

Does anyone know of a free (or reasonably priced) module that I can add to Freepbx that will allow callers to make menu choices by voice?


No, Lumenvox owns this market. It’s neither free nor easily setup as FreePBX does not support this.

Schmooze, one of our commercial sponsors, has a speech enabled IVR system available, you may want to contact Preston in sales and discuss your options.

Thank you very much for you rapid response. I appreciate it.


famblef, We offer two commercial modules, IVR Pro and Director Pro that give you hooks in either the directory or IVR using speech recognition.

Directory Pro: http://schmoozecom.com/add-directory.php

IVR Pro: http://schmoozecom.com/ivr-pro.php

As SkykingOH noted above Both also require the purchase of lumenvox speech recognition ports.

Another alternative it to look at our commercial PBX platform PBXact which has the modules and lumenvox speech recognition integrated into the core platform.

If you would like to schedule an online demonstration on a live system please reply or send me a PM.

It would be cool to integrate julius. It is an opensource speech recognition system, most people tie it in with julius

It’s very easy to integrate open source speech recognition engine Pocketsphinx with FreePBS/Asterisk. They way to go is to use a popular UniMRCP project which implements a standard speech recognition protocol


For documentation on integration with pocketpshinx see


You will also need to apply the following patch to get the best pocketsphinx experience:


For more information about CMUSphinx visit the project website

If you are interested in details, feel free to ask!