Voice prompts

do any other types of files work for intro or on hold recordings that have better quality than PCM Encoded, 16 Bits, at 8000Hz?

You’re not going to get High Fidelity Audio. Are you trying to take something recorded on the pc and upload it. If so, I’ve found that it’s real easy to record it to0 “hot” which leads to distortion. Try reducing the audio level substantially. I recently cut back the audio by about 9 db and found the resulting moh recordings sounded much better.


but it’s a professional service that we’re using, and they will record in any format we want. I just wanted to make sure I understood our choices, or if we didn’t have any.

Thanks for the input.

Really don’t have any…I would, though, download an audio editing program line audacity and see if you can import the files and drop the audio a bit. Experiment with it and you might see a better result. The professionally recorded stuff probably peaks at 0db. As I’ve said, reducing that audio by 10-15db keeps it out of the clipping range and can really improve the audio.


You can always reduce audio quality if needed, you can never increase it.

I’d say get the highest quality you can and then use an app like audacity to reduce the quality and resample to the correct rate. That way if you want to use the recordings elsewhere then you have that option.

The studio is going to give you normalized audio, but you may still have to reduce the volume in some circumstances, as Bill said.