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I’m creating a table management system and i need the system to call the customer on his mobile and run a voice message " your table is ready, please proceed" .
I need to use my landline number.
please advice.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure how you want this to happen, I imagine that you’ll need a custom dialplan and integrations with your CRM.

FreePBX has a commercial module Xact Dialer which allows you to run campaigns. If that helps…

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Hi Pitzkey,

I’m, looking to an open source VOIP server with IVR and connected to a gateway (telephony interface card), so it will be connected it to my land line.
by collecting data from sql database VOIP server will call client and through IVR a recorded file will be played " you table is ready, to proceed dial 1 to cancel dial 2 to extand 5 min dial 3 and then the system will be updated accordingly.


I assume that this is about dining tables, not e.g. poker or massage tables.

These are just my opinions:

If you are a restaurateur seeking this for your own place and FreePBX would be useful for other aspects of your phone system, see

for examples of auto dialing.

If you manage a chain, you can better engage your customers with a mobile app; this would be only one of its features. Look at your competitors for examples.

If you are starting a business to provide this service to restaurants, FreePBX is not the best platform. Look at https://www.twilio.com/ or similar systems.

The vast majority of users would prefer to receive notification by text message (or app). Those wanting a voice call are older folks, many of whom are turned off by robocalls.

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at my end calls from landline to any mobile are free of charge but the sms are payable and u should go through local provider


What country are you in?

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On most copper pair “POTS” landlines, there is no indication given when a call is answered. You can try to detect call progress tones and speech, but that is not always reliable. Possibly, your landline provider reverses polarity when a call is answered and your gateway would pass that to Asterisk.

If you are doing this on a large scale with PRI lines, there is reliable answer supervision. That’s also true of BRI lines, but those are no longer offered in many areas.

If you go with a SIP trunk, it will probably cost (in US$) about $0.04 per minute. Many providers bill by the second and I’d expect the average call duration to be less than 30 seconds, so about $0.02 per call.

Sorry, I don’t know of a good solution for SMS to Kuwait. The providers I’m familiar with won’t allow you to ‘spoof’ the Sender ID; it must be a number you have with them. And they don’t offer Kuwait numbers, so the reply would be international and costly for the user. I hope that another member reading this can offer a better solution.

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