Voice menu creation and working

Hi, I am newbie and have just installed FreePbx on Virtual machine my end goal is to have a voice menu on a calling number, if someone calls on that number its Says Welcome and Thanks Calling us, after that it voice menu says press 1 for questions press 2 for help and support press 3 for others, depending on which number the caller presses, the call must then be forwarded to another number.
I am learning and watching tutorial on Youtube but still confuse how can i achieve this ?
could someone please help and tell in steps to accomplish ?

If you spend a couple of hours in the Wiki linked above and you don’t find all your answers, I will suggest you need to start over, as every question is about a truly basic built in function and dealt with in great detail.



Thanks dicko and mahbell, I have created extension and IVR (voice menu), also connected the phone with FreePbx but error on the phone is Provisioning server failed. I tried to fix it but still no luck. Do you have an idea where to look at ?

The purpose of auto provision is to easily set up dozens or hundreds of phones with similar configurations.

In your case, with just one or two phones for testing, I suggest that you disable provision in the phone and manually enter server address, extension number and password.

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