Voice Mailbox upload Wav file for greeting

I think this was talked about several years ago. But I was wondering if anything new has developed or maybe in the works for the next version. It would be nice if you could upload a wav file with a drop down box the same as when you are in IVR. I use pre-recorded greetings. I have a bunch of separate numbers/voice mail boxes for marketing purposes. I do not have one phone connected to the computer. No Digium cards.

As a work around, I use IVR, 0-1 timeout where after the greeting it goes immediately to the ext/voice mail. Where the callers have to hear a short 2nd message, the standard ext/unavail message. Not ideal.

I’ve had a system running for a while, but pretty much still a newb when it comes to doing custom stuff. I need a simple way of doing this without feeling like I’m re-writing linux. (But I can copy & paste) :slight_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PBXIAF 20621 purple
FreePBX 2.10

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