Voice mail

I’m having some dificulty setting up voicemail.
It seems i can only check messages through the email notification
I try to access acount by diling *97 or *98 as well as simply
dialing the phone number. What am i missing here?
I also would like to record a greeting but not sure where and how to target the file.
The system currently stores messages and sends email verification of the recording.
How should i access the mail box using the handset

You will have to state explicitly by what fashion you made your system, because voicemail “just works” in all the known FreePBX based systems.

Nothing special here. I’m using the Voice mail FreePBX module
I have the distro with asterisk 11 installed.
I have the inbound destination route set to voice mail
rings 9 times then plays standard prompt

Have you ensured that the dialstring in your phones include *9x ?

yes it looks like 9xxx is included
is there anythingelse i should check?

But apparently not *97 for ones own voicemail, *98XXX if you use three digit extensions should work.

You state “I have the inbound destination route set to voice mail”, the question might be, “who’s voicemail”, if it rings nine times, then you did it wrong.



will preempt *97XXX by precedence.

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