Voice Mail to e-mail

Can you send a Voice Mail WAV file message to more than 1 email account?

I’m really not sure if you can do this in the freepbx interface, but you can do this pretty easily in Linux proper.

Let’s say you’ve got two sales people, [email protected] and [email protected]. What you do is add an entry in /etc/aliases like so:

sales: [email protected], [email protected]

then run the command “newaliases” and any messages to [email protected] will go to those two addresses. So, in freepbx, for your email address you put “[email protected]”.

This advice assumes a lot, such as your system is capable of 1) sending mail in the first place and 2) there are no restrictions on addresses.

You can also of course send an e-mail to a mail list that is mail enabled. If your mailserver support it. Exchange and others support the creation of serverbased distribution lists that have an e-mail address…