Voice mail issue

Hi to all,

When a caller calls our company, IVR picks up. Then, caller chooses an option. If there is no answer, voicemail pickups. If he/she wants to talk to one our other rep, pressing any number won’t take the caller to the IVR for more options. It hangs up. The caller again has to call us to talk to one of our other stuff.

Is there a way to send a caller back to the IVR or operator by pressing # after he/she is reached to one of our voicemail box?

Thank you

edit your vm_general.inc file and add this line

operator=yes                            ; Allow caller to press 0

This will allow the 0 key to take them to the operator from within voicemail.

hi, thank you for your quick answer.

I checked my vm_general.inc file and it was enabled already. Is there another way to correct this issue?
We have the same issue with our 4 different phone servers. I checked all of them.
They have all like this.

operator=yes ; Allow caller to press 0

I am using FreePBX

Also, what I realized that when I press 0 for the operator while I am in voicemail, It says “Please hold while I try that extension”, then it says “The number you dialed is not on the service. Please check the number and try again. F”

What might be the F mean? Interesting.

Thank you again.

And you have defined the operator extension under general settings?

What does it say on the Asterisk console when pressing ‘0’?

Has a resolution been found for this issue trying to get back to the operator from within voicemail?